Friday, 30 December 2011

What a W(onder)

Review: Samsung Galaxy W
Everyone has seen, heard, and even used the Samsung Galaxy S2 with some being convinced that it was the device they needed. Others, of the category who could not afford such a pricey smartphone, have to be contented with knowing that what Samsung offers is out of their league.
That changed when the Samsung Galaxy W - Galaxy S2´s younger sibling - arrived onto the scene and caused a stir among those who wanted Samsung´s flagship smartphone but can´t afford it.

Why did the Samsung W, called the Galaxy Wonder in certain countries, had such an effect, especially if it sputtered into retail shops with no fanfare?

For starters, it´s very affordable - only RM999 (without contract). And for such a price, just about anyone who has some loose change can purchase a Samsung smartphone that is similar to the Galaxy S2.

But wait...can it perform just like the much sought after Galaxy smarthphone?

Before going into that, it must be said that the Galaxy W doesn´t have a dual-core CPU or the sleek, elegant size and feel of the Galaxy S2.

Instead, what the Galaxy W has is a single-core 1.4GHz CPU, a chassis that is slightly smaller in both body-frame and screen (3.7-inch), and lower capacity for storage and memory. In the case of the latter, there is a MicroSD slot for users who need bigger memory space.

The specs of the Galaxy W, while not as up-scaled like the Galaxy S2, do not compromise on the overall performance of the device.

Apps, both light and heavy loaders, as well as multi-tasking between apps and operating on a number of Internet browser tabs had not encountered any lag whatsoever. In fact, they all performed rather smoothly on the Galaxy W.

This is where the device clearly shows how it is very much like the Galaxy S2 in terms of what it has to offer. What it lacks in size, storage, and speedy processing, the Galaxy W makes up for its ability to be a nimble and hardy device as well.

Interestingly, this small Galaxy also heats up just as fast and as hot as the bigger Galaxy. Samsung really needs to figure out how it can keep its devices running cool and not start baking within the first 10 minutes of use.

What the Galaxy W needs if it were to be exactly like its bigger brother is to have longer battery life. Minimum use saw the smartphone lasting no more than 10 hours and one day if it is on standby. Heavy use (even sporadically) will see the power drop rapidly and only lasting no more than 6 hours.

Power issues aside, the Galaxy W is definitely one of the few smartphones that fits nicely in the mid-tier range and will be the one to catch the attention of many thanks to its low price-point and design DNA being very close to the Galaxy S2.

If the fast heat build-up and quick power drain are non-issues, then the Galaxy W may be the smartphone to consider as a great New Year´s purchase for 2012.

Sources : New Strait Times

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